Once the Presentations 2Go buildingblock is in place, it allows users with certain roles to insert a single item or smart lists into a course.

There are three methods to display video content and 2 methods to upload video content.

Display video content

  1. Mash-up method; Select a video to show in a regular content item
  2. P2Go item; Select a video to show in your content item.
  3. P2Go list; A P2Go List is a dynamic list. Each time a student opens the list item, the items are updated to meet the list search criteria.

Course documents list with Presentations 2Go content

       Example of dynamic list

Hover over the title to retrieve slides (when available)

Upload video content

(since BlackBoard release 3000.xxx)

1. P2Go Video Assignment; students can upload a video into the gradebook

2. Video upload (P2Go) in the Course Tools menu


Create video assignment

       Upload form for teachers via Course Tools