To create a new repository you need to have some basic information.

  1. The API url usually
  2. The Secret key file of a Presentations 2Go group
  3. Optional search criteria.

Presentations 2Go Video server preparations

  • Create a group in the Presentations 2Go Video server (e.g. BlackBoard)

  • Now click more to find the secret key
  • Click Download Secret Key
  • Copy the secret key to your Clipboard

Blackboard configuration

  • Sign-in to BlackBoard
  • Select System Admin menu
  • Click Presentations 2Go Repositories

Here you will find all existing repositories and the option to create new ones.

  • Click Create Repository
  • Give your repository a representative name

  • Enter the URL to the Presentations 2Go Video server (just replace the domain name)
  • Enter the exact same Authorization group name as used in Presentations 2Go video server group name.
  • Paste the key your copied to clipboard earlier.

  • Now first Submit your settings before you can continue.