Once the Building Block is installed, it will not yet be visible as content tool.

Tools are not yet visible

  • Go to System Admin
  • Select Tools in Tools and Utilities

Enable tools via System Admin

  • Scroll down to Presentations2Go and turn the features on. Make sure you select New and Existing courses/organizations
  • Confirm your settings with Submit at the bottom or top of the page.

Turn on all Presentations2Go features        

You might also want to check the Course Tools under Course settings.

  • Enable the P2G Item (in text editor) if you want to allow mashup

Check also the course settings

Now you need to create a repository first. To learn more about managing and configuring Repositories read the next chapter.

Once all settings are correct and you have created your first repository (see next chapter), you should see P2Go Item and P2Go List in your build content menu. Also there should be a Presentations 2Go Mash-up feature in the normal BlackBoard items.